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Hi, I’m Bob Scheier.

I bring my journalist’s instincts to identifying your value proposition and explaining it clearly to any business or technical audience. 


Who are you?

A veteran IT trade press reporter and editor, mostly recently technology editor at Computerworld, with wide experience describing how organizations use technology to help the bottom line. Since 2000 I have been an independent marketing writer helping clients ranging from Microsoft to Oracle, AT&T, Cognizant and Dell translate technical jargon into business benefits. 


What do you do?

Working with your internal subject matter experts, I produce clear, compelling and concise:

  • White papers

  • Case studies

  • Web copy

  • Blog posts

  • Ebooks

  • Email campaigns

  • Articles for submission to trade publications.

  • Scripts for podcasts, Webinars and promotional videos.

  • Responses to RFPs.

  • Educational material to help your sales force explain your offerings to customers

  • Edits to existing content product by your staff


In which areas do you specialize?

  • Cloud

  • Virtualization

  • Storage

  • Security

  • Software testing

  • Enterprise architecture

  • IT management

  • Big Data

  • Global services/outsourcing

  • Use of IT in financial services, health care, telecom


What's your work process?

Drawing on my years of trade press experience, I “interview” your internal experts and/or customers to get a clear and complete understanding of what you provide and what differentiates you from competitors. I then produce a detailed outline of the content so we can make any needed “course adjustments” and then move quickly to a first draft and as many revisions it takes to satisfy you.  I also provide suggestions for illustrations and diagrams, but not the finished artwork.


How quickly can you complete my project?

Typically, about three to four weeks. I deliver a detailed outline within five working days of receiving all required input from your staff and/or your customers. Next is a first draft within five working days of receiving all feedback on the outline, and a second draft within five working days of receiving all input on the first draft. If required, I can drastically slash this timeframe for rush needs.


What are your rates?

$1.40/word for original content, $110/hour for editing existing content or for development of videos or other content where per word pricing does not accurately reflect the required effort.

I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me

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